About Us

Intervention College is an African focussed online education center with the intent to train and empower students beyond what the conventional school teaches. Our system is designed in such a way to train our students in different courses, that allows them take professional exams, as well as soft skills that helps students compete and excel in careers with futuristic potentials.

Our tutors are scrutinised thoroughly to enable them to bring out the best training programmes with practicality in every sense which are usually updated as the world around us evolves continually. Simply put, we place premium on experiential learning. 

Basically, if you want training programmes that should make you excel, then you should opt in for the innovative courses at icollege.africa today.


To be a leading educational institution in Africa driven by technology with a focus to foster sustainable learning beyond traditional classrooms.


To create and implement a fully functional system that promotes sustainable programmes, for students to practice what they have been taught either through their careers or in-class learning. In doing so, to collaborate with other educational institutions and industries to enrich students’ out-of-class experience.